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Re: Nice ideas about a bug tracking system

On Sun, 19 Sep 2004, Arthur Korn wrote:

> Hi
> I very much agree that a means to group bugs together would very
> much help with some packages. I myself had to deal with quite
> big bug listings when I adopted autofs and devfsd. The situation
> with aptitude also repelled me when I wanted to look into it and
> maybe help fixing some issues.
> It would help a lot to be able to:
> - filter bug listings by tags (eg "list all bugs tagged patch"
>   or the opposite).

This can be done.  You haven't tried hard enough.

> - separate feature requests from bugs. This could be done as a
>   tag.

This can be done as well.

> - Provide a way to add custom markers (this could be tags or
>   strings in the bug subject) to bugs and filter the bug
>   listings by these.

So can this.  Subject filtering.  dpkg uses it.

> A way to search _all_ reports in the bts would be helpful too
> doing research on bugs (do other package experience similar
> problems?  Who's to blame? does anybody have a fix for this?), I
> am not shure how much of the BTS is being indexed by google and
> how up-to-date that indexing is.

More complex.

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