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Re: Is there a tool for recursively listing dependencies?

Andrew Pollock wrote:
> Before I pop off and write a Perl script or something to recursively find
> dependencies of a package and it's dependencies dependencies (and so on), is
> there already something that does this?
> To cut to the chase, I want to determine all the packages that the Desktop
> task installs, to then see if a bug has been filed...

I wrote something like that a few years ago. It could also include
Suggests: and Recommends: recursively. For most "high-level packages,"
it would produce quite long lists. I used libapt-pkg-perl for it. Since
I couldn't find in my home directory anymore, I googled for it and came
up with the following link:


However, I haven't used it since, and it's also probable that the above
link doesn't include the latest version I wrote. Maybe it helps you to
get started though.


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