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Re: libpcap-dev confusion

Thank you, I fixed it and it works. 

I tried your suggestion and I still had the same problem, however it made me think of a couple other things that ended up making it work.

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> [talbertb@comcast.net]
> > Specifically, the errors I get are below:
> >
> > Undefined reference to ?pcap_dump?
> > Undefined reference to ?pcap_open_dead?
> > Undefined reference to ?pcap_dump_open?
> I suspect the libpcap header is missing the magic phrases to make it
> includable in C++. Try to protect the include statement with 'extern
> "C" {' and '}', to tell the compiler to treat the header as a header
> for C functions.
> (Just a random idea based on my experience with C and C++ linker
> problems. :)
> If this do not help, you should make a minimal code example
> demonstrating the problem, or make some source available for testing.

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