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libpcap-dev confusion



I have a question concerning the use of libpcap-dev.  I apologize if this is the wrong list, but it seemed like the closest one.  I am running Debian 3.0 (woody-i386) and I have a C++ program that uses various pcap functions ? configures raw data (already captured off the wire) into libpcap format for tethereal.  The problem is that every time I use g++, it will compile and assemble but it fails to link.  Specifically, the errors I get are below:


Undefined reference to ?pcap_dump?

Undefined reference to ?pcap_open_dead?

Undefined reference to ?pcap_dump_open?


I am using libpcap-dev 0.6.2-2.  I also have libpcap 0.6.2 installed.


I wrote the program on a RH 9.0 box and it linked and ran fine, so I know it works.  I also tried to update the libpcap-dev 0.6.2-2 package but I already have the latest version (stable, anyway).


I am thinking that pcap needs to be updated, however pcap.h has all of the functions listed above.


What gives?  I?m sure it?s something obvious, but I have been looking at it for too long.


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