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Re: Intent for a perl NMU to fix the libmime-perl mess

Matthias Klose writes:

I recently upgraded libmime-perl to a new version, which depends on a
newer MIME:Base64 version not included in the current perl package.
Cleaning up the mess I propose to do a perl NMU which updates the
MIME:Base64 package in perl from version 3.01 to 3.04.

Since Perl is frozen (and such a vital package should be deep-frozen), what
about the alternative of reverting to the older verions of libmime-perl
and mailscanner?  Aren't there consequences for the installer if you change
Perl now?  At least you should get the release managers' opinions.

At this point, there should be laser-like focus on getting a release out,
even if you can't include the latest and greatest versions of everything.
The latest mime-tools release was urgency=low, so if that was set correctly
it seems it doesn't have to go in pre-sarge.

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