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Re: Bug#272489: ITP: nvidia-cg-toolkit -- NVIDIA Cg Toolkit installer

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 19:47 +0200, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> In linux.debian.devel, you wrote:
> > Some information first. The Cg toolkit is composed of documentation,
> > libraries, headers and the Cg compiler and distributed as a tarball
> > to be uncompressed with "-C /". This installer package just download
> > the tarball and install the contents Debian-wise. The toolkit is
> > required when developing with 3D engines (like Ogre3D, to be packaged
> > next) and having it as a Debian package is quite usefull.
> It's not required for Ogre. It's only needed for the Cg program manager,
> which is an Ogre plugin, and not mandatory except for some of the demos.
> (Which will have to removed from the Debian package anyway, as they rely
> on not freely distributable texture data).
> Ogre 0.15 will have support for GLSL shaders, which are to be supported in
> further Mesa versions, so I don't see a particular reason to sacrifice
> freedom for a proprietary extension made by Nvidia and dragging Ogre into
> contrib.

why whole ogre? just the Cg manager plugin goes to contrib. all the rest
can stay in main.

> I've been working on Ogre packaging as I'm developing a project based
> on it. The originator of the current ITP (226265) is no longer interested
> in preparing a package and told me that I could take over. (I haven't
> changed the ITPs ownership, though). But as you're a Debian developer
> and wouldn't require a sponsor you may as well take it.

what about working togheter? i promised a friend to build ogre packages
(and Cg ones, that's it) but the more people working on it, the better.

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