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Re: Bug#272489: ITP: nvidia-cg-toolkit -- NVIDIA Cg Toolkit installer

In linux.debian.devel, you wrote:
> Some information first. The Cg toolkit is composed of documentation,
> libraries, headers and the Cg compiler and distributed as a tarball
> to be uncompressed with "-C /". This installer package just download
> the tarball and install the contents Debian-wise. The toolkit is
> required when developing with 3D engines (like Ogre3D, to be packaged
> next) and having it as a Debian package is quite usefull.

It's not required for Ogre. It's only needed for the Cg program manager,
which is an Ogre plugin, and not mandatory except for some of the demos.
(Which will have to removed from the Debian package anyway, as they rely
on not freely distributable texture data).
Ogre 0.15 will have support for GLSL shaders, which are to be supported in
further Mesa versions, so I don't see a particular reason to sacrifice
freedom for a proprietary extension made by Nvidia and dragging Ogre into

I've been working on Ogre packaging as I'm developing a project based
on it. The originator of the current ITP (226265) is no longer interested
in preparing a package and told me that I could take over. (I haven't
changed the ITPs ownership, though). But as you're a Debian developer
and wouldn't require a sponsor you may as well take it.


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