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Re: weird font corruption caused by scrolling

* Joshua Kwan (joshk@triplehelix.org) [040919 05:25]:
> [ I'm CC:ing -devel because I have the sneaky feeling other developers
> who can provide additional feedback are experiencing this bug. If that's
> really not the case feel free to LART me. ]

Well, please use X-Debbugs-Cc, so that the bug number is in the mail in

> I'm not sure whether this bug is the fault of:
> * GTK+
> * Fontconfig
> * Firefox
> * Pango
> * Xft (-> xfree86)
> * Freetype
> * Font corruption gnomes
> so feel free to reassign this bug if you have a better idea of where it
> should go.

I have exactly the same problem with standard mozilla. A friend of mine
is experiencing this problem also with mozilla in Windows. That seems to
indicate the problem in the common engine of mozilla and firefox.
However, I'm experiencing this problem for some time now (i.e. also with
mozilla of woody), but I never cared enough for a bug report.

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