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Re: clamsmtp_0.6.92-2_i386.changes REJECTED

On 20040830T133335-0500, Chad Walstrom wrote:
> Thanks!  (And thanks to you as well, Bernd.) I assumed wrongly that
> because the *.dsc file included the reference to the *.orig.tar.gz, that
> it would be included through the implied relationship.

Unfortunately, that would mean that the orig.tar.gz would be uploaded
every single time.  The way it is done now, the vast majority of cases
simply work, while in the minority of cases you need to specify an extra

>            assert(expired(knowledge)); /* core dump */

No core dump.  Everybody knows that in production builds assertions are
ignored :)
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, Debian developer 


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