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Re: daily pestering about s390 and sparc buildd failure

Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> writes:

> To debug this, I need access to an s390 or a sparc, or the buildd
> maintainers of those architectures need to figure out why their build
> daemons are not installing packages correctly.

Looks like I can log on vore, the sparc autobuilder which is failing.

So vore is running woody.  Such commands as "apt-cache show xlibs-dev"
show the woody versions--which have way fewer dependencies, of
course.  And "apt-cache show libx11-dev" reports that the package
doesn't exist (which it doesn't in woody).

Yet, the xlibs-dev that vore is downloading in the sbuild run is the
correct sid version--though this doesn't explain then why it doesn't
get the dependency (libx11-dev).  Presumably sbuild is running in a

But if apt-get is reading dependency information from woody, and then
installing sid packages, this might explain the problem.  (My
recollection is that apt-get runs dpkg with --force-depends or
something like that, right?)

As yet, nobody has volunteered to help.


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