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Re: Bug#268067: sugarplum: modifies apache config without asking

clone 268067 -1
reassign -1 wwwconfig-common
merge 268067 -1

hi christian,

i'm duplicating, reassigning, and merging the bug in question so that
it involves the maintainer of wwwconfig-common as well.   all further
bug reports will include both packages.

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 10:54:13PM +0200, christian mock wrote:
> sugarplum's postinst, via the wwwconfig-common scripts (if available) 
> modifies httpd.conf files of apache, apache-ssl and apache-perl if 
> available, without asking or even informing the administrator.
> this is a violation of the policy ch 10.7.3:
> "[scripts] must not overwrite or otherwise mangle the user's 
> configuration without asking".

plus, it's the config of another package, which is a also no-no.

really, the problem is that debian hasn't standardized on a way for dynamic
web apps the likes of sugarplum to install/configure themselves with
webservers such as apache.  many maintainer scripts go so far as to just
echo "Include foo >> /etc/apache/httpd.conf", which i think you'd agree
is pretty horrible.

as the maintainer, i made what i felt was the best choice i could
while still giving the user the drop-in install joy of dpkg/apt
by using an at least semi-standardized means for inclusion.  this way,
when debian does develop a standard for such things (or decides that
such things must rely on the admin) wwwconfig-common could be patched
and the 40-50 packages using it would be brought in compliance.  you might
want to follow up on a recent thread on the topic[1] -- at least it's
being actively discussed, and progress is being made on the issue.

i'm also going to cc debian-devel on this, to solicit more developer
opinion.  my plan will be to either remove this functionality from my
package, or to work out a solution that at least prompts the admin for
what to do (ideally by patching wwwconfig-common).


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/08/msg01104.html


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