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file in sarge (was Re: [VAC] ...)

Am Mo, den 23.08.2004 schrieb Steve Langasek um 22:46:
> The 3DS bug does not exist in 4.09, currently in sarge.  The diff
> between 4.09 and 4.10 is fairly large, so there's a fairly high risk of
> other broken heuristics hiding somewhere.

That's not true. 4.09 has _exactly_ the same line in magic.mime. The bug
was also reported against 4.04.

There's also a fairly high risk of broken heuristics being fixed. Also
note that "file" missed the sarge deadline by about 10 hours or so. I'd
vote for file to go into sarge. I won't push it, but I'm quite certain
that it's better, but then I might be biased.


|=| Michael Piefel
|=| Member of the Debian project

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