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Re: Conflicts between FHS and GnuStep (was: Bug#256141: addresses: GNUstep Mass Bug Breaks Policy Section 9.1.1)

* Andreas Barth wrote:

> I can see different ways out (order has nothing to do with
> preference):
> 1. Agree that
>    | This is where all of the system's general-use include files for the C
>    | and C++ programming languages should be placed.
>    doesn't match GNUstep files, and leave everything as is.
> 2. Accept the location of GNUstep files as an exception for sarge, and
>    change that post-sarge.
> 3. make a lot of changes to GNUStep in the last minute
> 4. drop GNUStep from sarge

I hope the RMs decide for 2. As for post sarge: I was told, that there is a 
discusion on gnustep-discuss going on, which tries to examine the possibility 
to add to gnustep-make the ability to install into FHS compliant paths. 
Haven't followed that though, so perhaps someone more involved in gnustep can 
elaborate on this.


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