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Re: Alioth down yet again

Oliver Elphick, 2004-08-21 08:00:11 +0200 :

> Alioth is down yet again.  This time it's not just the webserver but
> also cvs.

There seems to be a problem with LDAP, hence SSH, hence CVS.  The web
server might be a different problem, but it might also be related.

> Is there anywhere that we can find out what is happening and when
> things will be working again?

  Alioth admins (Wichert, Raphaël and me) can't do much until SSH
access is restored.  DSA are aware of the problem, including someone
with physical access to the box.  I have provided them some info on
the Alioth setup (which is a bit different from the other Debian boxes
when it comes to authentication and user accounts), haven't heard from
them since then.

  I would propose #alioth on OFTC for news updates.  I'll certainly
update it when I get news.

Roland Mas

Oshitemo damedara, hiite mina.
  -- Proverbe japonais

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