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Re: Bug#265762: ITP: tpop3d -- tpop3d is a fast, extensible, secure UNIX POP3 server

Andreas Barth wrote:
 > I can currently count at least these servers than can support pop3
Is there any reason why tpop3d should be better than any of those? And
if so, which of these servers can we drop IYO? Please don't understand
me wrong, but we already have an incredible amount of software in
Debian. If I look at the list of orphaned packages, or at the list of
long-standing RC-bugs (currently 167 in sarge, much more in sid), than
it seems sometimes to me that we have too many than too less packages.

Please don't take this personal. It's not meant as an vote about your
package, but more like a general remark that's also valid for this


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your opinion, but I will try to describe my small motives ;)
Yes it is true from point of current debian developers, maintainers and bug fixers that one more package is one more possible headache in future. But from my side, as standart system administrator, I was unable to use any of your listed pop3 server to get my stuff working as I wanted. Some of them have unreproduceable bugs with MS MUA's, some are too complex for setuping on small systems. Currently I'm using tpop3d for more that half year and very happy with it's perfomance and features. So I wondered why such great pop3 server has no package in my favorite distro? Instead of filling wishlist I maked package. Yes, instead being passive user of Debian I wanted to make some work for it. And it is up to Debian community to choose if I will be passive user or will start to do something really useful.

Peace ;)

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