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Re: HP unofficial support for Debian (Proliant servers) ?

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 04:39:59PM -0300, Juan Nin wrote:
> http://www.hp.com/hps/linux/lx_debian_faq.html

When looking for a blurb to soothe a client who's paying for the HP
hardware that we'll be installing debian on I came across this page too.

It's not a very helpful page, as it's clearly from a different part of
HP, "HP Services", selling a service which presumably includes debian
for enough money that you need to ask for a quote.
On top of that, the page makes it look like ProLiant machines are not

If anyone of the hardware part of HP is listening: A web page repeating
the only usable quote "Many enterprises install their own favorite Linux
distribution on their HP servers. This could be Debian or any of several
alternatives." would help.


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