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Re: Bad mozilla/Xprint interactions on Debian homepage: decisions needed

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Parsons, Drew wrote:
> If you believe Xprint is born screwed, can you suggest a better alternative
> for printing web pages in an alphabet other than latin? Are you aware there

Sure. A fixed Xprint.

Here's what it would take, AFAIK:

1. Generate non-DPI-dependant PS.  Include all bitmaps in their native
resolution, and scale them to the printing DPI on the fly.  Do it using
a proper algorithm, at least trilinear interpolation, if this is not
natively supported by PS (I don't know PS very well).

2. Do not convert *anything* to bitmaps.  If it arrived as vector
operations, put it inside the PS file as vector operations.

3. Plug to CUPSYS properly, in a way that the full range of CUPSYS options
*especially PPDs, printing classes and printer instances* work.  Yes, this
means a proper GUI hook somehow.  The worst issue with Xprint is it lameass
idea of trying to get us to write yet another set of printer definitions, in
a mostly undocumented format, even.

If the fact that the above could sometimes produce slow/big PS files, add a
"fast low-q mode" switch that will work if one can tell Xprint what DPI to use".

Either that or fix Xprint to ask CUPS *after PPD processing* what the DPI
should be, and give it a default DPI (I think this is already in Xprint) for
PS file output.

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Please drop this crap.

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