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Re: Bad mozilla/Xprint interactions on Debian homepage: decisions needed

Marc Wilson wrote:
>> Some problems have been reported printing our home page, 
>> www.debian.org from mozilla (or firefox) using Xprint 
>> (xprt-xprintorg), see bugs #235592, #251067.
> Then Xprint is screwed.  This is hardly news.  Xprint was born 
> screwed. Those of us who use Mozilla just fought to get back the 
> ability to NOT use Xprint, you may recall.

You don't sound like the sort of person who will listen, but for what it's
worth, mozilla has it's own degree of screwed-up-ness.  On the same webpage,
it fails to render the left hand links as "arial" or "helvetica", despite
the clear instructions of the HTML code.  Xprint, on the other hand, does
render them correctly.

If you believe Xprint is born screwed, can you suggest a better alternative
for printing web pages in an alphabet other than latin? Are you aware there
are languages which use alphabets (or not even that) other than latin?

> It in no way happens with Mozilla.  You may see the following 
> screenshot:
> http://members.cox.net/msw/ss/ss08172128.png
> And the following scan of a printed page:
> http://members.cox.net/msw/mozilla.png

Thank you for the extra testing.  I am happy to learn that mozilla 2:1.7.2-2
is not in fact affected by the problem.  It therefore only appears to affect
firefox.  This lessons the scope of the crisis considerably.  I am, by the
way, finding it increasingly difficult to hold on to the tenability of your
assertion that Xprint is screwed.  As you pointed out, it cooperates
perfectly fine with mozilla proper.

> I can't say as I care what you do to Crapfox

Just as well, because that seems to be the best place for the fix. Why do
you hate Firefox so much?  No one's forcing you to use it.


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