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Re: MIPS builds - wrong status?

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 06:32:30PM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow scribbled:
> > Thanks,
> > -- 
> > Steve Langasek
> > postmodern programmer
> They might be aware of their responsibilities but they don't always
> fullfill them. To err is human and sometimes things slipp through the
> craks. Sending a polite reminder when something is amiss can help
> notice such cases.
I never meant anything but a polite question since the package has been
stuck on mips for a long time (previous uploads as well).

> But before you do bother one of the busy buildd admins make sure you
> know whats going on.
> Lets find out whats going on pike7.2:
> Step 1: check the wanna-build status for your package (e.g. on buildd.net)
I am probably one of the very few DDs not fully aware of that, but is there
a single page which links to all the developer's resources of the buildd.net
kind? I searched debian.org and it doesn't seem to mention buildd.net
anywhere. By far, the best starting point for all the package status,
explanations etc. locations is the Q&A's developer.php output, but wouldn't
it be nice if we had all the links collected anywhere on debian.org? Again,
I might have missed existence of such page :)

> http://www.buildd.net/cgi/package_status?all_pkg=pike7.2&searchtype=go
> |
> |interpreters/pike7.2_7.2.580-2: Uploaded by buildd_mips-r5k [optional:out-of-date]
> |  Previous state was Building until 2004 Aug 10 02:45:00
> If you don't know what the state means, buildd.net also has some docs.
> In this case the state is "Uploaded", meaning the package was build
> successfully and signed by the buildd admin.
> "Uploaded" is suposed to be a very temporary state lasting only 15
> minutes tops before the incoming queue accepts the package. Given the
> age of it something has gone wrong. The package has failed to get
> accepted.
> Now it is your turn to decide if 6 days means the buildd admin is just
> busy but will clean up the mess once he has time or if he overlooked
> the problem. Personally I would wait a week but with the current
> backlog ...
I'm happy to, I just hope it won't mean this version of pike7.2 doesn't make 
it into Sarge :)



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