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Re: Bug#244318: fixed in setserial 2.17-37

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Bart Schuller wrote:
| On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 05:36:24PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
|>Ola Lundqvist wrote:
|>|    * Added Netherland debconf translation, closes: #244318.
|>|      Thanks to Luk Claes <Luk.Claes@UGent.be>.
|>Netherland ?? It has (almost) nothing to do with the country (The
|>Netherlands), it is about the language Dutch. As you can see in my mail
|>address I'm not from The Netherlands, but from Belgium, the Flemish part
|>where one speaks Dutch.
| This I think confuses people even more. Your complaint is valid, but
| confusing, particularly for maintainers looking at files with nl_NL or
| nl_BE in the names.

Except for keybord layout noone has to look at files with the NL or BE
suffixes, that is just my point. For translation nl means Dutch,
wherever it is spoken!!! I don't want to be called as being from The

| To clear things up:
|                 Language    Country
| -------------+-----------------------------
| English name |  Dutch       The Netherlands
| Native name  |  Nederlands  Nederland
| Code         |  nl          NL

The native name isn't relevant for developers, only for translators! So
that would become:

~                   Languages
- -----+--------------------------
name |    Dutch  French  German  ...
Code |     nl      fr      de    ...

| So if you want to avoid the word "Dutch" then you can't take the dutch
| name for it and then anglisize it again, because you wind up with the
| name of the country instead of the language. It also doesn't help that
| the english name for our language sounds like it's actually the german
| language ("Deutsch" in german).

I want to avoid "Deutsch" and "Nederlands"!

So stop translating everything, developers should use the english terms
or the codes and nothing else. Why do some want to almost insult people
by using the wrong geographical names? If you aren't sure, use the
language codes. If you didn't get it: I'm proud to be a Dutch speaking
Belgian ;-)


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