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Re: [pryzbyj: maint scripts]

Justin Pryzby wrote:
> As per policy, my unofficial package of IRAF now includes a perl script
> update-extern.pkg.pl which is installed in /usr/bin/.  It will be used
> by external IRAF packages, each of which need to update extern.pkg.  Of
> course, each also depends on IRAF.  If memory serves, the script
> shouldn't have the .pl extension; can someone remind me why?  (I like it
> because then vim color-highlights it).

Because you'd have to rename it if the implementation language changed.
Also because users should not need to know or care what the
implementation language is to use a program. Also because .pl is
annoying to type. It's fine if you call it .pl in the source package but
please do not include language extentions in programs installed into

(vim can be made to highlight perl programs based on file magic.)

see shy jo

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