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Re: miscfiles NMU?

* Thomas Bushnell BSG (tb@becket.net) [040806 09:40]:
> Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:
> > You don't have to see NMUs as hostile acts.  It is better for the
> > project if we see them as a helping hand.  As far as I know it is
> > acceptable to NMU also for non-RC bugs.

> I don't see NMUs as hostile acts.  Many times I have had a very
> helpful NMU of a package of mine.  But this was an NMU that isn't
> helpful; it only creates more work for me.
> Section 5.11.3 of the developers' reference says that an NMU is only
> allowed for serious or higher bugs.

No. Just for the record (not speaking about appropriateness of this
NMU): It tells that it's normally only accepted for RC-bugs. But
neither is the d-r normative not means "accepted" the same as allowed.
I have done NMUs for bugs with lower importance (IIRC even down to
wishlist), and will do so again in future - if I consider it

Of course, I contact the maintainer before, and put the NMU to delayed
(and have also removed NMUs on maintainer request, and will so in

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