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Bug#263893: RFH: irm: upstream patch triage

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

[For those who don't know, IRM is a web-based asset tracker and trouble
ticketing system written in PHP]

IRM is comatose upstream -- they still exist, but are working on a
Python-based replacement (IRM 2).  I think there's life left in IRM 1.4, so
I'd like to go through all of the patches in the SourceForge patch tracker
for IRM and apply whatever's appropriate.

See the list of upstream patches at

The process I want to follow is:

for each patch:
    identify functionality
    determine if it's applies cleanly, messily, or not at all
    test good patches for functionality, vet for security
    report bad patches as being useless

for each functionality group:
    pick the best applicable patch
    apply patch

My intent is to get a report on *every* patch in the sf.net patch manager to
send upstream, (to get the sf.net patch tracker cleaned up), and have as
much useful functionality as possible in Debian's version of IRM.

I'll put a patch-list into the IRM source distribution and on the web
somewhere for coordination purposes once I've got some patch reports to put
in there.  In the meantime, if anyone wants to submit patch / functionality
reports to me, I'd be most appreciative.

- Matt

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