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Re: Bug#263245: kionjb: Qt3 package links with libpng2

On mar, 2004-08-03 at 12:38 -0700, Shaun Jackman wrote:
> I'm using KDE3 from download.kde.org on my Debian Woody (with some
> packages from testing) system. If I attempt to remove any of
> 	libpng10-0
> 	libpng12-0
> 	libpng2
> 	libpng3
> apt tells me it has to remove all of the KDE packages. I don't see how
> these packages can depend on four different libpng packages, so what's
> going on here? How are these packages related? Which -dev package
> should I be using to build packages?

It means that the backport you are using is broken. A single binary
should only depend on one of the two libpng's (there are only two:
libpng10 is libpng2 and libpng12 is libpng3). In fact, in Debian
sarge/sid, it is possible to depend on both thanks to versioned symbols,
but this is merely a transition measure.

When you are building packages using libpng, you should use, depending
on the package:
* libpng10-dev or, if you can't specify the version with pkg-config,
libpng2-dev, for packages depending on GTK+ 1.2.
* libpng12-dev for packages depending on large, libpng-using libraries,
such as Qt3, GTK+ 2.0, or SDL_Image.
* libpng-dev for other packages.

Note that I intend to remove the libpng2, libpng3 and libpng10 packages
after the sarge release, only keeping libpng12.
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