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Re: Bits from the WNPP: RFH tag

Make sure you file a bug on reportbug to support this.

Dan Weber

Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
Finally we got around now to technically implement this behaviour.
We have defined a new tag for this: RFH. RFH bugs should be filed
with "normal" severity like orphaning and request of adoption ones.

Definition from the WNPP pages (http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/):
This is a 'Request For Help'. The current maintainer
wants to continue to maintain this package, but he needs some help to do
this, because his time is limited or the package is quite big and needs
several maintainers.
(I formulated this paragraph which is a strong indication that there are
improvements possible ;)

A list of RFH bugs can be found at

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