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Re: Depending on another package's source

On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 03:16:50PM -0600, Wesley J Landaker wrote:
> GHDL is a VHDL compiler that's implemented as a stand-alone language 
> target for GCC. The way it's typically compiled is by:
> 1) Unpacking the latest GCC sources -- only gcc-core is necessary.
> 2) Unpacking GHDL on top (adds 'vhdl' directory, no other modifications)
> 3) Compile GCC with --enable-languages=vhdl

This is a lunatic approach for an upstream to take. Granted that
branching gcc is excruciatingly difficult - but distributing partial
source really does suck.

> For packaging this I thought of several different scenerios:
> A) Include the source of gcc-core in the .orig.tar.gz
>   Pro: it's the only way I've thought of yet
>   Pro: immunity to [hypothetical] changes in new versions GCC
>   Con: it duplicates some of what's in the gcc source package

That's about the best you're going to get. You have to undo the lunacy
by fixing a specific version of the gcc source anyway.

> B) Somehow "build-depend" on the gcc source package
>   Pro: no duplication of source code
>   Con: it could [hypothetically] break on a new version of GCC
>   Con: I don't think you can really do this

You can't. Also, it would break randomly as the gcc source package

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