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Depending on another package's source

Hey folks,

I'm looking for some suggestions of how to handle a case where building 
one package depends on the same (or a subset) sources as another 

The concrete example is GHDL (bug #170583, which I just retitled from an 
ancient RFP to an ITP), but I'm interested in this case in general. 
Anyway, here is the issue:

GHDL is a VHDL compiler that's implemented as a stand-alone language 
target for GCC. The way it's typically compiled is by:

1) Unpacking the latest GCC sources -- only gcc-core is necessary.
2) Unpacking GHDL on top (adds 'vhdl' directory, no other modifications)
3) Compile GCC with --enable-languages=vhdl

For packaging this I thought of several different scenerios:

A) Include the source of gcc-core in the .orig.tar.gz
  Pro: it's the only way I've thought of yet
  Pro: immunity to [hypothetical] changes in new versions GCC
  Con: it duplicates some of what's in the gcc source package

B) Somehow "build-depend" on the gcc source package
  Pro: no duplication of source code
  Con: it could [hypothetically] break on a new version of GCC
  Con: I don't think you can really do this

C) Suggestions from the masses of brilliant folks on debian-devel
  Pro: it's better than A or B above
  Con: none, of course!

I've started down the road of packaging this with scenerio A, but I 
gratefully solicit comments and suggestions. =)

Wesley J. Landaker <wjl@icecavern.net>
OpenPGP FP: 4135 2A3B 4726 ACC5 9094  0097 F0A9 8A4C 4CD6 E3D2

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