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Re: Looking for tcsh bug report #28959

At Tue, 27 Jul 2004 19:23:44 +0200,
Martin Godisch wrote:
> Can anyone provide me bug report #28959 "meta keys in tcsh don't work
> anymore!" (timeframe: Oct 1998--Jan 1999)?
> If not: Can some of you try the package tcsh-kanji instead of tcsh, and
> tell me whether there are any problems with it, like "meta keys don't
> work anymore"?

I'm tcsh-kanji user.  When I hit ESC-p, I get
history-search-backwards.  When I hit Alt-p (I guess it's equivalent
to Meta-p), the cursor key moves one character.  I hit Alt-p twice, my
terminal kterm displays one Kanji character.  I don't know it's bug or

-- gotom

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