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Re: SPF - exim4 + debian.org

* Miles Bader (miles@gnu.org) wrote:
> I guess in some cases such user names are historically so entrenched that
> they must be retained, but I think a policy that helps to avoid future
> conflicts would be a good thing.

Policy is (generally) based on current practice- not as a way to force
people to change.  The current practice, by far, is to use reasonable
names, generally associated w/ the package or application name and/or
whatever is encouraged by upstream (who often have an idea what they
think it should be).  The reason for policy is because some people fail
to understand why the current practice makes sense/is good.

> > I'm very happy to note that *none* of them are 'deb-<blah>' or
> > 'Debian-<blah>', and you know what?  I've never had any problems w/
> > namespace pollution.  Have any of our users actually filed bugs about
> > problems because of these names?
> Are you serious?  Of course most home users don't have too many problems
> because they've only got a few usernames themselves.  The problem (as was
> mentioned) is large installations that have a huge base of existing usernames
> which must be shared between disparate system types, and who can't easily
> change real usernames.

Have any of our users (who, hey, guess what, include people w/ large
installations) actually filed bugs about problems because of these

> > It seems to me that a problem is being invented so that it can be
> > 'fixed'.  The problem doesn't exist and 'fixing' it just makes things
> > ugly for no reason.
> No, there's certainly a problem.  The _extent_ of the problem is certainly
> open to discussion, and it's certainly possible that debian could decide that
> pretty system user names are very important, and "what the hell, screw those
> large institutional users".

If it's a problem then why is it that the *ONLY* package that does this
crap is exim?  If other package maintainers have gotten complaints from
people about the usernames they use then please speak up, point out bug
reports, etc.  So far I havn't seen *any*.


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