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libapache-mod-ssl 2.8.9-2.3 is a dupe

Hi folks,

I just noticed, due to the old version from 2002 (DSA 181-1) still
being in my local (partial) mirror.

This old 2.8.9-2.3 was a (rare) security NMU for sid.

I thought the custom of putting the release name in a stable fix (like
2.8.9-2.woody.X) had firmly established itself by now, but apparently
this is not so.

I just don't like it when two (even slightly) different package
versions have the same version number.

Bye, J

PS: Discuss!  ;-)

                            Jürgen A. Erhard
                     MARS  http://mars.jerhard.org
                   "We must learn from our mistakes,
       so we can make bigger and better ones." -- Bruce M Krawetz

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