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Permissions on power management device nodes?

Recent versions of GNOME complain at login time that non-root users
can't write to /dev/pmu. I initially thought "yes, good, that's right,
now stop complaining", but apparently things like the GNOME keybindings
for the volume control and the suspend function of the battery applet
need it.

This got me wondering what the correct group for power management device
nodes would be. None of the current global static allocations seem
appropriate (audio and video are closest, but still aren't good
matches), and I was thinking of creating a new one in base-passwd so
that makedev, udev, and so on can use it conveniently. I don't want to
do this without talking with the various power management maintainers,
though, so what seems like a sensible set of people are CCed.

Are there any precedents on other systems that we should be borrowing?
If not, does anyone have any suggestions, or reasons why the current
root:root 0660 arrangement is best left as it is?


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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