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Re: New Debian-based Company: Canonical Software

El Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 03:35:42PM -0700, Matt Zimmerman va escriure:
> A number of Debian developers, myself included, have been hired by a new
> company, Canonical Software, to work with and in Debian to create a derived
> distribution. We haven't yet finalized a public name for the distribution
> but the codename for our first release is 'Warty Warthog.' It will be free
> of charge, and will be Free Software. We'll contribute bug fixes and
> improvements back to the community as we make them -- not just at release
> time.

  Good to know that there are more DDs being paid to work on what they
  like and also very good to know that the project include colaborating
  with Debian.

  Can I ask you how do you plan to build your derived distribution? Have
  you looked at the Custom Debian Distributions ideas?
  I'm asking that because I feel we need a common (standard) way to
  build Custom and Derived Distributions and I think all people involved
  in this kind of distributions can contribute with ideas and tools and
  I will love to see companies like yours getting involved in CDDs.

> We're preparing for an initial release in the near future so at the moment
> all of our energy is going towards fixing release critical Debian bugs and
> sending these patches back to Debian. You can find those patches at
> http://www.no-name-yet.com/patches/ or in debbugs.
> We've been quiet this long because we wanted to have concrete work and real
> patches before making any announcement. We'll have another, more formal
> announcement once we have something installable to show.
> If you're interested in our activities, visit http://www.no-name-yet.com/ to
> check out the patches or subscribe to an ultra-low-traffic announcement
> mailing list. We will send out information on that list about how to sign up
> for free CDs soon. 

  Great, I'll subscribe now.



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