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New Debian-based Company: Canonical Software

Some of you have probably noticed a number of active Debian developers
fixing RC bugs with patches being hosted at the same rather enigmatic web


Those who attended Mark Shuttleworth's DebConf talk, or heard rumors about a
"Super Secret Debian Startup," may have connected the dots.

A number of Debian developers, myself included, have been hired by a new
company, Canonical Software, to work with and in Debian to create a derived
distribution. We haven't yet finalized a public name for the distribution
but the codename for our first release is 'Warty Warthog.' It will be free
of charge, and will be Free Software. We'll contribute bug fixes and
improvements back to the community as we make them -- not just at release

We're preparing for an initial release in the near future so at the moment
all of our energy is going towards fixing release critical Debian bugs and
sending these patches back to Debian. You can find those patches at
http://www.no-name-yet.com/patches/ or in debbugs.

We've been quiet this long because we wanted to have concrete work and real
patches before making any announcement. We'll have another, more formal
announcement once we have something installable to show.

If you're interested in our activities, visit http://www.no-name-yet.com/ to
check out the patches or subscribe to an ultra-low-traffic announcement
mailing list. We will send out information on that list about how to sign up
for free CDs soon. 

 - mdz

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