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Re: security related bug report - no maintainer reaction for 1 year

On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 01:29:04PM +0200, Johannes Poehlmann wrote:

> I am working in the development projekt for the speak-freely package.
> (speak-freely.sourceforge.net)
> One Year and a day ago, i filed this bug report, saying that
> o There are security related bugs in the very outdated debian package
> o These bugs are fixed by new upstream sources
> o I integrated the sources in the new package and added a link in the
>   bug report
> o Roman Hodek tried to upload the new package as a NMU which
>   possibly got lost by the server problems or got cancelled 
>   by the maintainer. 

Your package is in the non-free archive, which means that:

 * It is not part of the Debian system

 * It is not supported by the Security Team, who have enough to do in
   supporting free software

 - mdz

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