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use of d-d-a (was: Re: Summary of the LSM Free Software Printing Summit)

On Monday 19 July 2004 14.52, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> I want to see more of the little sub groups in Debian using d-d-a to
> keep us uptodate on what they're doing.  It's the only way a huge
> project like ours can keep in one piece.


For a short period of time, there were several 'Bits from the...' news 
bulletins being posted. I welcomed this, and I hope this summary and 
the Bitrs from the List Masters mark the start of another such period - 
but really, these bits should be posted in more regular intervals, and 
from all important roles within the project.

For those who complain not to have enough time to read those emails: a 
short executive summary at the top would probably be helpful.

(No, I'm not suggesting that people in roles should be 'legally' 
required to do this. But they should perhaps be encouraged - perhaps by 
the DPL? I'm sure he notices when overly long discussions are caused in 
part by people not knowing some things?)

-- vbi

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