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Re: forking source: dcc

On Fri, 16 Jul 2004, Dan Weber wrote:

> I am currently working as a team on packaging dcc, a checksum system for
> spam.  We have been through some major issues with upstream, first that
> upstream refuses patches, and is ignorant.

A little bit stubborn, for certain issues, maybe, but I would not call
him ignorant. I usually find his posts to news.admin.net-abuse.email
quite interesting indeed.

> Generally, upstream is incooperable, the build system is broken, and
> we couldn't fix it without a complete rewrite of it.  Since all of
> these problems need attention, is it fair that we could fork dcc for
> debian?

Some weeks ago I managed to build DCC (sort-of) without completely
rewriting it, based on the previous debianization from Bas Zoetekouw,
but I did not find time to test it extensively.

So, for this case, I don't see the need to fork, but maybe there are
issues I'm missing.

Anyway, what's a "fork", exactly? Isn't a Debian package in which the .diff
is very big some kind of "fork"? I think you can make the .diff as big
as you need while keeping the .orig.tar.gz untouched.

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