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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

"D. Starner" <shalesller@writeme.com> writes:

> I don't agree with the GR as it stands. The release manager should
> decide whether or not to release AMD64 with Sarge. I prefer that
> we could get AMD64 added to Sid by peaceful discussion and not a 
> GR.

It seems like its appropriate for this to be taken off of -vote.

There seem to be four distinct issues here:

1)  Should amd64 support biarch as an interim before multiarch support
    is in place?
2)  What's the best way to support the change in library directory
    that is involved here?
3)  Should the existing pure64 be added to sid?
4)  Should the existing pure64 be added to sarge?

(1)-(3) are off-topic for debian-vote.

The answer to number (4) seems clearly "no".  Being a part of sid and
testing is a requirement for being a part of stable, and regardless of
whether something has been excluded from sid for good reasons or bad
reasons, it shouldn't be put in stable by some kind of end-run around
sid and testing.


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