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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

Hallo! Du (James Troup) hast geschrieben:

>I will not be blackmailed into doing things for people who have public
>tantrums to try and force stuff through.  In fact, it'll very much
>encourage me to not work on whatever it is they're whining about.
>(And others have warned that this is the case[2].)
>If you want to help with getting amd64 into the archive then, please,
>reign in its more vocal proponents - they're only succeeding in
>delaying its addition to the archive.

>[1] Don't get me wrong - I couldn't care less if/how random people
>    insult me and the fact that several of the folks who keep
>    demanding its inclusion into the archive have been personally
>    abusive to me doesn't in anyway affect amd64's inclusion into the
>    archive.  It does however mean that I tend to ignore mail from
>    them and threads started by them.

If i understand correctly:

1. you acknowledge that you ignore some people.
2. you do not see anything wrong in it and will continue ignoring.
3. if someone bugs you about that behaviour then you will stop working
   on the issues that you should do as an delegate.

so you will held Debian hostage, if someone bugs you? And you do this
(at least) the second time.

I don't think that Debian should accept this behaviour.


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