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Re: Debian AMD64 Port - still waiting on ftpmaster

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 12:07:11PM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Chris Cheney (ccheney@cheney.cx) [040702 00:52]:
> > The Debian AMD64 port now has more installed packages than even powerpc
> > making it the second most complete port behind i386.[1]  The port is
> > still waiting on Scott Remnant to fix dpkg and for James Troup to allow
> > it into the archive. 
> I think i know two people who are now hurrying to do something
> else first.
> an alternative to such a rant would be to call them and talk to
> them on the phone. if you keep your voice level down and stay
> friendly you would surely even get friendly answers.

International phone calls are still a bit expensive and I am currently
unemployed. Also, I have no idea what their phone numbers are and at
least in James case he doesn't even respond to email so how would I find
it out? ;) I have been told by someone after sending the email that
Scott plans to upload a fixed dpkg in the next week.

> with this kind of rant you damage the amd64 port more then you
> help it. try to think first next time. this post was even more
> stupid then my (accidently public) vote the other day since it
> was on purpose.

The amd64 port is very close to forking it has already had several 
offers for hosting it if the port team decides to go that way.
Personally I would switch to a different dist before forking, probably
Fedora/RHEL. It seems most people who have contacted me are going to be
switching from Debian soon as well. It really is a shame that it is
coming to this. A little communication from ftpmaster would have
resolved this issue, but as we are all well aware they do not


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