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Re: A Distributor, AACDS

On Thu, Jul 01, 2004 at 11:19:35AM -0400, ronald diener wrote:
> I want to register a complaint against a Debian distributor - in the harshest language I know. AACDS sent me a copy of Linux 2.1 with a shop-worn copy of the O'Reilly volume on Debian, with a few other scraps of miscellaneous information about Debian and Debian GNU/Linux - in a beat-up box that looks to be old and used. I am unable to get in touch with this outfit to get my money back. I will try one other vendor, then quit this nonsense.
> R E D
That's old :(  The O'Reilly book was published in 1998 or 1999 and had
a custom made Debian distribution to go with it. It could just be that
it's been hanging round the shop shelves for a long time.

The Debian project make CD images available for download but do not
produce "Official" boxed sets because of just this reason.

However, Cheepbytes / UKLinux do periodically burn full Debian sets
and sell them for $2.50 a pressed CD or thereabouts.  It might be worth
splashing out for Woody from them at about $15.  The book, as I
remember, was a good introduction and fairly well written - it covered
apt-get - and much of what it says is still actually relevant.

If you have a friend with high download bandwidth, it would also be
fairly easy to download Debian from the 'Net.  I'm sorry you've
had a bad experience.  This sort of thing is possibly a little more
appropriate for the debian-user though.

Have a decent day


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