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Re: a forth release?


Frank Küster:
> [ nontrivial tetex bug handling ]
> Usually this won't happen until the next bug report drops in, also
> unclear, and also with unsufficient info to tag it with a version.
OK, I can see that this would be a problem.
The quick-and-dirty solution would be to de-emphasize unclassified bugs,
especially <important ones.

> [ wishlist bugs ]

Of course they should be ignored.

> And this doesn't solve the problem that you would need to artificially
> keep new uploads out of testing. 
No you won't; you can get packages from snapshot.debian.net.

Anyway, IMHO the argument is somewhat superfluous because it's far more
important to get the RC bug count for Sarge down.
In case people didn't notice, it's been increasing lately. :-(

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