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Re: Impossible dependency: slang1-dev vs. slang1-utf8-dev


Alastair McKinstry:
> I am testing a  solution that adds ELF dependencies to the
> slang libraries [...]
> basically, version the symbols differently, with

Good idea. (smacks head) I should have remembered about symbol versioning.

> However, I believe packages should just be rebuilt against
> the slang1a-utf8 and slang1-utf8-dev and slang1-dev dropped:

If that's possible without affecting *their* ABI, that'd make sense.
To do this safely, versionizing slang and recompiling everything which
depends on slang1-utf8 needs to be done first. Correct?

> the only reason slang1 should remain is for support for
> non-Debian binaries. I was intending to propose this when
> sarge ships, but now appears to be a good time.
Thanks for doing the work. I agree that this should be done now.

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