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Re: Status of Gnome in Debian testing/unstable

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 02:59:20PM +0300, George Danchev wrote:
> I have those packages updated and didn't see any horrible breaks yet.

Hmm.  I tried it with a clean profile.  I don't run gnome-session or any 
session manager, but run this in my .xsession:

/usr/lib/control-center/gnome-settings-daemon &
while lsof -u$USER | awk 'BEGIN { found = 0; }
        ($2 == "'$GSDPID'") && ($8 ~ /orbit-'$USER'/) { found = 1; next 
        END { exit found }'
        sleep 1

My settings weren't being loaded and when I tried to run 
gnome-control-center it would hang.  I expect that's the problem; I'll 
reapply the upgrades without running this in .xsession and see if that 
fixes the problem.

I got this code from somewhere on this list, to get 
gnome-settings-daemon running without using gnome-session.  Something 
must have changed.

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