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Re: mass bug gnustep programs: policy violation

Am Dienstag, 22. Juni 2004 05:35 schrieb Dan Weber:
> There is a serious policy violation regarding all programs dependant
> upon gnustep-base1 and themselves.  They break Section 9.1.1 of the
> Debian Policy.
> Using /usr/lib/GNUstep for non-lib and executable binaries for direct
> invocation is not permitted.

Yeah, the OpenStep directory layout is not compliant with the FHS layout, 
although they share similar design principles. For those who are not familiar 
with it:

OpenStep defines four domains: System, Network, Local and User. These domains 
have the same layout and are rooted into different directories in the 
directory tree.

System domain is reserved for all stuff related installed by the system, 
pretty much maps to the understanding of the /usr tree in FHS. GNUstep roots 
it to /usr/lib/GNUstep/System

Network domain is meant to be mounted remotely and denotes part of the 
installation common among machines in a network. GNUstep roots it 
to /usr/local/lib/GNUstep/Network

Local domain contains stuff which is local to the machine, i.e. maps to the 
concept of /usr/local of FHS. GNUstep roots it 
to /usr/local/lib/GNUstep/Local

User domain is reserved for stuff installed by individual users. Maps to FHS 
home directories, but is more flexible: a user should bbe able to install 
anything up to whole programs to his USER_ROOT and could use them as if they 
were installed by the asministrator. GNUstep roots it to ~/GNUstep.

As mentioned before these domains share the same layout, i.e. they all have 
subdiretories /Applications, /Library, /Tools with /Library containing all 
kind of different sutuff which would belong into /include, /share, /lib 
directories according to FHS.

Starting to mass-file bugs against all GNUstep programs would do no good in my 
opinion. We need to find a solution on how to integrate these apps into the 

One possibility could be to adjust gnustep-make to install to FHS compliant 
paths. gnustep-make is a collection of makefiles which are used to compile 
and install all GNUstep programs. If it was possible to alter the 
installation paths and at the same time ensure that applications still find 
their resources, this would be the most clean solution. I don't know what the 
GNUstep folks think about this, we should engage in conversation.


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