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Re: How to set up an upload queue on an Alioth project?


Otavio Salvador wrote:
>         I like debpool since this loos more near  of an official
>         mirror. Have some possibility to add pool support do
>         mini-dinstall?
That's definately something that I want to do, it's number one on my
list of things to do.
IIRC it has been worked on and then work stopped. On my circular list of
packages to work on mini-dinstall on number 2 now, so I hope to get some
archive layout stuff done before too late in July.



[P.S. for Otavio: I forgot the cc to devel and then changed my mind
about what to write, so this differs from the version I sent to your
Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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