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How to set up an upload queue on an Alioth project?


We'd like to set up an upload queue on our Debian-NP Alioth project.
We've been told by the Alioth staff, when asking them to provide such a
service, that:

  mini-dinstall and dput/dupload work nice, and I don't see why
  Gforge/Alioth would need to duplicate their functionality.

So I guess that it'd be easy to setup some private repository with an
upload queue workable with dput inside the debian-np Alioth web space.

I'd like to have http://debian-np.alioth.debian.org/debian-np to be our
repository, and to be able to "dput debian-np mypackage.changes" when I
do a release.

Question is: how do I do it?  I have no idea where to start from.

TIA and ciao,


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