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Re: Whereabouts/status of developer Brian Mays?

* Charlie Zender <zender@uci.edu> [2004-06-13 13:19]:
> Is anyone aware of the whereabouts/activity status of Brian Mays?  I
> am trying to reach him regarding a package (NCO) that I wrote and
> that he actively maintained up until about two years ago.

He has unfortunately been very busy and inactive during the last few
months.  In fact, another co-maintainer asked about the status of nco
back in August, and nothing has happened since (how embarrassing :/).
See http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/08/msg02511.html for
more information and a response from Brian.

I'm CCing Brian so he can describe his current status, but looking at
the status of his other package and his activity of the last few
months, it is pretty clear that he doesn't have enough time to
maintain his packages properly.  Brian, can you please consider giving
away some of your packages or finding co-maintainers.
Martin Michlmayr

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