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dpkg postinst.d patch: progress ping

hi there,

i've taken on responsibility for checking the progress of various
issues related to Debian / SE / Linux.  one of the things needed
for SE/Linux is, as you are no doubt aware, a requirement for a
means to set file security contexts when a new package is installed.

i was wondering what the present status is, so that i can add it
to my progress report.

here is what i have so far for dpkg:



mr russell coker's postinst.d patch is apparently well-known
and the bugreport has been merged with other bugs, one of which
(#17243) dates back to 1998! kuudosss.  however, the maintainer
says that those bugs are part of a larger picture of required
/ requested functionality and they don't want to proceed with
what would turn out to be a temporary measure.

30may2004: after evaluating options (see links above) initiated
thread to convince dpkg developers to incorporate postinst.d

13jun2004: no response yet received, another ping initiated.

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