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Farsi translation, BiDi mailing list (was: Re: Arabic Linguist)

Quoting Arash Bijanzadeh (a.bijanzadeh@linuxiran.org):

> I am here :-) and more than willing to translate debian installer to farsi. 
> Last time I looked at it and translated some sample file there, was no BiDi 
> support . If it is going to implement I could go on with translation, and 
> even helping with enabling BiDi in it ( I am thinking of freebidi)

BiDi support is on its way. Steve Langasek made the hard work of
hacking slang so that it has BiDi (and shaping for Arabic)
support...by using libfribidi, by the way.

He recently posted some screenshots in debian-boot:


I don't read arabic, but this definitely looks right-to-left...:-)

The current build images do not have this BiDi support as this
requires some very careful actions on the base system package and
packages included in debootstrap.

But, now, we are all sure that BiDi support *will* be in the release
of the Debian Installer. So, all right-to-left languages translator
may just jump as crazy into d-i strings and translate them as much as
they can.....

Arash, if you need information on how to start, please have a look at
the official d-i l10n page :

Also, feel free to get in touch with me privately for yet more
information, svn commit access and so on.....

I will now officially ask for a debian-l10n-bidi mailing list on which
all bidi languages translators will be able to work together (another
possibility could be debian-l10n-arabic, debian-l10n-hebrew,
debian-l10n-farsi.....but it's maybe better starting with a wider
topic as long as we don't have too much people)

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