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Re: Pre-Depends of #CDD#-common meta packages from cdd-common

On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Colin Watson wrote:

>   * meta-package's .config script requires data from cdd-common

>     Answer: You can't. .config scripts can only depend on Essential
>     packages plus debconf, and Pre-Depends doesn't help.
>   * meta-package's .postinst script requires data from cdd-common
>     Answer: Use Depends, which is sufficient.
This was the old solution which is suboptimal because asking questions
in postinst script sucks.  The question can only be asked when cdd-common
is installed because they call scripts from this package to aquire data
which are needed for the questions.  Would you go with this solution
and write a lintian.override to declare that this is intended?

> The only reason you should need Pre-Depends is if the meta-package's
> .preinst script requires data from cdd-common.
> Does this make sense?
Yes.  It means that I have to stick to the solution I found before and
there seems to be no way to enhance the situation.

Kind regards


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